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The licence for OS OpenData

I was a bit concerned yesterday that the licencing terms for OS OpenData weren’t made clear in the consultation. But I needn’t have worried — as assured, it’s more or less a Creative Commons Attribution licence. There are a few extra bits, like not not implying that the Government endorses your product, but the licence is compatible with CC-BY, so there’s nothing much there to worry about.

I still don’t know what the new derived data terms are on the products that remain commercial, but that’s less worrying. Hopefully, though, they’ll be less onerous.

There’s also still a question about datasets that predate OS OpenData, and therefore were made under the old licence regime which included derived data terms. This is a pretty important question, as many existing and useful datasets may be tainted by the derived data terms. Does the new licence apply retrospectively, so that data is liberated too?

I have . We shall see.